What is The Rich NFT?

The Rich Official
3 min readNov 25, 2021


The Rich NFT is a unique way we want to bring gems into the crypto world. Since there are a lot of inconsistent products on the NFT market, we decided to bring you a valuable project where you will be able to purchase gem-themed NFT cards in the highest quality possible.

You won’t find thousands of soulless NFT images on our site, with which other creators are trying to make a quick buck, while today they are here and tomorrow they are gone.

The Rich NFT is a project with a long-term perspective, an ambitious roadmap and big plans for the future. Just as in the real world the amount of gems is limited, so is the amount of our Non fungible tokens.

The ratio of each digitized gemstone reflects the rarity of these mineral deposits in the real world. The total number of ERC721 tokens will be limited to 459 pieces, with 12 different gems within the drop, distinguished by quantity and rarity, increasing the exclusivity of this project.

Just as in the real world you can own a gemstone in physical form or as a piece of jewelry, in the case of The Rich NFT project you are the verifiable digital owner. All 459 cards will be minted on the polygon blockchain.

When creating each NFT card, we have placed a strong emphasis on the selection of unique gemstones, their visuals, luminous qualities and also their colour. There is also a quantity on each card that determines its exclusivity. Then, of course, the presence of the name of each gemstone embedded in the metal plaque.

The first 100 customers who purchase any Non-fungible token from The Rich project will also receive a special Chakra Coin, which can be used to access projects from Chakra NFT earlier in the future (before they are dropped). At the same time, owners of those digital gems will be in for surprises and various benefits throughout the year.

How do I buy The Rich NFT?

Currently, the only way to purchase this digital gemstone is by participating in the launch. Mint of tokens will start on 11. December 12:00:00 UTC. In case you want to participate in the initial drop, sign up on our website therichofficial.com. Do not wait any longer, as there are only 459 unique units available.

Once the mint process is completed, we will then launch a marketplace in partnership with OpenSea where anyone can buy, sell, or trade NFTs as part of The Rich Project.

You can also find us on Twitter.



The Rich Official

The Rich NFT is a unique way we want to bring gems into the crypto world